Gypsy Lures Speed Jig

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Gypsy Lures Speed Jig

These Speed Jigs are Rigged with 2 4x strong hooks heat shrinked. The finish on these are amazing and hard as steel. These jigs are used for all types of fishing Amber Jack, Tuna, Kingfish, Wahoo, Grouper, Red Snapper and more. Once you try these you'll be hooked. You'll never pay HIGH dollar for jigs again after you use these. When your looking to get deeper faster to get in that strike zone, this is the jig for you. Its more narrow profile enables you to cover water fast. Also, in your drifts it enables the most vertical presentation possible which at times can be the key!!

Available in 8 Colors


Weight - 150 gms ( 5 oz ) Length - 7"    
            - 200 gms ( 7 oz ) Length - 8"