ProFish Fishskin Bucktail Teasers 2 pack

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ProFish Fishskin Bucktail Teasers

2 pieces per pack - 1 each  colors of White, Chartreuse.   To make the Bucktail Teaser better than ever we’ve combined the finest natural bucktail with the fish-attracting flash of Fishskin holographic glo strips, mylar tinsel and feathers. The result is a great fish catcher for fluke, flounder, stripers, sea trout, tuna, dolphin and other game fish. The Bucktail Teaser is an incredibly versatile lure, and Pro Fish made it even more deadly. The Fishskin Bucktail Teaser features our proprietary Fishskin holographic strips, Fishskin glo strips, natural bucktail, feathers plus mylar and tinsel flash, tied and epoxied to a premium quality stainless steel hook. It is extra strong, extra sharp, and perfectly balanced for a great fish catcher on many game fish. Epoxy Wrapped 100% Premium Natural Feathers Fishskin Glo Strips Fishskin Holographic Strips 100% Premium Natural Bucktail Tinsel Flash Premium Quality, Stainless Steel Hook.   Choose from (2) Hook Sizes  3/0 and 5/0