TJ Bunker Spoons

$29.99 $18.00

TJ BUNKER SPOONS are the perfect size and weight for trolling when bunker are present for striped bass and other game fish such as tuna. TJ Bunker Spoons feature an adjustable keel weight, that allows the fisherman to create unique actions at certain speeds. These TJ Bunker Spoons offer results at an affordable price for the striped bass fisherman! •9 ounces in weight •9 inches in length •3.75 inches wide •Double Stinger Hook Design •Popular Colors To Choose From •Adjustable Keel Weight •Lock Washers on every bolt These bunker spoons are designed to offer performance at affordable pricing. A fixed heavy duty hook is joined by a treble hook for added assurance! Sold in 5 fish catching colors, with custom colors offered! Compare TJ Bunker Spoons to other brands that cost much more! Adjustable Keel Weights: Can adjust the keel position, to improve action! CUSTOM BLENDED COLORS: Painted & Finished in The USA!


White , Bunker Purple, Flo Green, Flo Yellow, Chrome( not Shown ) Summer Flounder ( currently out of stock)